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Crazy Girls Tied Up This Woman With Tape

by on Oct.17, 2009, under Women Tied Up

These crazy freshman college girls ambushed their friend one night attacking her with tape until they had securely tied her up and gagged her.  Unable to resist they tormented her humiliating her and spanking her ass whilst laughing and name calling her.  It seems this was her punishment and their revenge for going with a frat sister’s boyfriend.  The vindictive bitches then posted the pictures online for the world to see.  I would not want to cross these girls hehe!  But then again it could be fun


See these girls extract their revenge on this young tied up woman over at Amateur Tied.

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Young Woman Teacher Tied Up At School!

by on Oct.17, 2009, under Women Tied Up

This gorgeous young female supply teacher takes a huge risk allowing her dominant master to handcuff her then gag her before having her legs tied up tight at the knees.  Hidden away in a storeroom they quickly shot this hot set of pictures to share with the bondage loving  friends at Amateur Tied.  She even found the time to give him a quick handjob licking the cum from her hands before the bell sounded to signal the end of lunch!


There are many more crazy adventurous bondage fans sharing their exploits at Amateur Tied.

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Young Woman Has Wrists Tied Up With Belt On Bed

by on Oct.17, 2009, under Women Tied Up

This hot young woman has been stripped almost naked and thrown onto the bed then had her wrists tied tight with her own white leather belt.  Wearing only a tiny G String she is spanked and fingered hard in the cunt whilst her dominant boyfriend takes photograph after photograph of her exposed and bound body.


You can view private bondage pics of this and many more hot young women over at Amateur Tied.

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Young German Dom Ties Up His Blond Slave Girl

by on Oct.11, 2009, under Women Tied Up

This young woman has been tied up by her dominant boyfriend Mattias whilst his best friend Fritzl looks on capturing the action on his digital camera.  With her hands cuffed to the bed above her head and her legs tied down securing her in place she is totally at their mercy.  After teasing her and showing off her most intimate parts to the camera the two friends proceed to abuse this girl relentlessly as they dish out some crazy punishment to the tied young woman.


After fingering her pussy for a few minutes Mattias began to pull and tweak at her labia and clit then squeezing and biting her nipples hard between his teeth as she squealed and moaned with pain.  The smile soon faded from her face as fun turned into pain for this submissive blond slut. Eventually she is forced to suck two cocks at the same time as they literally jam her mouth full of cock!

See the punishment dished out to this young German hottie only at Amateur Tied.

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Leggy Amateur Woman Tied Up With Duct Tape

by on Oct.04, 2009, under Women Tied Up

This tall blonde woman was quickly brought down to size by her dominant boyfriend who scooped her up then dump tackled her to the floor before binding the wrists and ankles of this girl with duct tape.  Her skin was red raw after peeling off the tape hehe.  Now that she was tied up and helpless he proceeded to tickle her as well as spank her fantastic ass as she lay there giggling and begging for mercy!  Jim her boyfriend tells us that he hopes to get her involved in harder bondage play and promises to share any further bdsm experiences that they have.  His girl is unsure about hard sports but does concede that she finds it a huge turn on to submit herself totally to her man and be at his mercy.  Time will tell if she moves onto hard bondage but lets hope so hey!


You can keep up to date with how Jim’s submissive GF is progressing with her bondage experimentation at Amateur Tied.

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Sexy Woman Tied Up Shibari Style

by on Oct.04, 2009, under Women Tied Up

Bound in a very sexy fine white rope this hot young woman has been tied by her boyfriend Tony in a classic shibari style.  The rope winds around her torso strapping her arms tight to her body, her arms and hands firmly secured behind her back.  The rope winds around her tasty looking titties tying them nicely before also looping down between her legs and into the cleft of her pussy showing us some delicious looking bondage camel toe.  It really is a fine piece of ropemanship. 


In other pics from this couple we see Tony dominating his willing submissive slave, pinning her down to the bed, stripping her, leaving her exposed hog tied and absolutely pounding her pussy with a gigantic dildo.  Finally he finishes up by taking some pleasure for himself and allowing this tied up woman to suck his swollen cock and swallow his seed (whilst leaving a nice large deposit on her face as a reminder of who the daddy is!). 

Catch up with this real bondage couple’s private sexual experiments only over at Amateur Tied.

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Hog Tied Woman Gets Blindfolded And Gagged

by on Oct.04, 2009, under Women Tied Up

Mark sent through some photos of his hot amateur submissive girlfriend Naomi to Amateur Tied and its fair to say she is hot hot hot!   This sexy UK woman is a total submissive slut and loves to please her man by taking part in his bondage games.  In this great set of pictures she gets hogtied then blindfolded before finally a duct tape gag is applied covering her mouth.  Breathing only through her nose she began to whimper with that heady cocktail of pain and pleasure as he began to spank her before proceeding to fist her hard.  This set has to been to be believed guys! If you love to see a hot woman tied up then Mark and Naomi are most definitely the couple for you!


To see Naomi get fisted and abused by Mark head on over to Amateur Tied where their submitted home bondage pictures are available for download!

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Hot Woman Gets Tied Up Then Bagged And Gagged

by on Oct.04, 2009, under Women Tied Up

This hot young wife got ambushed by her husband/dom as she arrived home from work.  He stepped out from behind the door as she entered their lounge and clasped his hand around her mouth. She gasped as he did so and dropped her bag and coat to the floor.  Suddenly her world was plunged into darkness as a hood was dropped over her head. The thick black material let very little light through but she could feel her self being led towards the bedroom. 

A shove from behind sent her sprawling forward and she let out a  yelp as she landed on the bed.  She could feel hands scrabbling at her skirt pulling it off leaving her in her underwear, black blouse and her boots.   Her husband bound her hands together and then her ankles.  He could hear her breathing heavily under the hood and the sound of her struggled breath spurred him onwards as he began to spank her ass cheeks and thighs. Reaching for his camera he began to take photos of his gorgeous young wife laying prone and vulnerable on their marital bed…

Hot Woman Bagged And Gagged

Get the rest of this captives hot photos over at Amateur Tied

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Woman’s Shaved Pussy Gets Tied Up

by on Sep.27, 2009, under Women Tied Up

Look at this delicious looking snatch! Wow what a tiny lovely little clitty. Bound in a fine white cord not much thicker than string this girl gets bound beautifully by her bondage loving boyfriend.  For more of his handiwork head on over to Amateur Tied and check out the full set of pics.


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Young Woman Tied Up On Bed

by on Sep.27, 2009, under Women Tied Up

This submissive young woman has been bound expertly by her husband who then proceeded to gag his slutty wife and humiliate her by posting pictures of her laying prone on their bed bound in white rope.   Her legs have been tied above and below the knee and the ropemanship displayed here is truly impressive.  Now that she#s fully tied up this woman is going nowhere!


Her husband is keen to show of his rope skills as well as his wife’s hot looking ass.  They are regular contributors over at Amateur Tied and are a favourite with the regulars there.  If you’ve not been before then I would suggest checking it out as there are tonnes of hot women such as this one who are keen to share their bondage fantasies and experiences with other people.

Get over to Amateur Tied now and get involved with the fun.

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