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Slave Slut Woman Got Frog Tied Then Gang Banged

by on Nov.02, 2009, under Women Tied Up

This very hot UK slave woman was blindfolded, gagged and then frog tied at this BDSM themed gangbang.  Five guys took their turns with her all fucking her bareback and emptying their cum inside her. By the end of the gangbang this “Party Fuck Cunt” was overflowing with their cum and you can literally watch it flowing out of her as they take it in turns to fuck her and add their own cum to the pool forming inside this filthy slaves cunt.

amateurtied-21 (10)

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Sexy Sub Woman In Stockings And Lingerie Tied Up On Floor

by on Nov.02, 2009, under Women Tied Up

This sexy submissive poses for her us in these pics, showing off her lovely long slim legs in her stockings and lingerie combo.  She looks amazing but looks even better when her boyfriend takes control and orders her to lay on the floor. Like a good slave she obediently complies with his demand.  He went to a cupboard and returned with a length of white rope which he began to tie to her ankle.  Ordering her to lay flat he began to expertly bind his captive slave in the classic Hogtied position. 


As he tightened the ropes her back arched up as her wrists and ankles were forcibly pulled together.  Now that she was bound he began to torture her slowly in all manner of perverse ways.  Yanking her hair back he pulled her head so that her face twisted almost right round to face him then spat right in her face. His spit run down her face and she lapped it up with her tongue!  It takes more than that to put this girl off evidently.  He began spanking her ass, getting progressively harder and more forceful and still she appears to lap it all up.  This sub has a high pain threshold!

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Blond Woman Tied Up And Forced To Take Facial Cumshot

by on Nov.02, 2009, under Women Tied Up

After tying up this young woman, her dominant boyfriend knelt over her chest and wanked in her face. He used his bodyweight to pin her down underneath him and even though he is a skinny fucker he was far too heavy for her to resist. She struggled to get a mouthful of his cock but he wouldn’t allow her to join in. Instead her preferred to humiliate by wanking into this dirty bitch’s face rather than allowing her to suck him off.

Her hands struggled to free themselves but she had been tied up too tightly and could do nothing except submit to her man’s desires and wait for him to explode into her face with an almighty cumshot.  He blasted her right in the eye and his cum run down her face, she licked her lips greedily slurping up as much of his warm sticky cum as she could.

amateurtied-23 (7)

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Woman Tied Up And Spread On Bed Then Fucked With Dildo’s

by on Nov.02, 2009, under Women Tied Up

This submissive woman had all four of her limbs tied up to an elaborate pulley system, setup around their bed.  He pulled the ropes and hoisted her legs and arms high and wide. Her legs look great in these black nylon stockings but the scene is completed when two dildos are inserted into her.  Fucking her pussy with the first, he then forces the other into her mouth before blindfolding her and taking these pictures of his slave wife in bondage. 

amateurtied-42 (5)

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Blindfolded Woman Got Tied Up And Forced To Suck Cock

by on Nov.01, 2009, under Women Tied Up

This hot submissive is being trained by her master to pleasure him whenever he sees fit.  For this set of photos he ordered his bondage slave to kneel before him whilst he tied her wrists tightly. He then tied a towel around her face to act as a blindfold before producing his cock from his boxer shorts and putting it to her lips. She opened her mouth obediently and began to work at his rapidly stiffening cock with her mouth and tongue. 

She sucked his cock and he began to thrust his hips holding the back of her head and sliding his cock deeper and deeper into her throat. After  just a few short minutes she felt him stiffen and tense as he shot his giant bolt of cum deep into her mouth. Spunk flowed over her lips and she coughed as she gagged on his massive cumshot. He held her head in place forcing her to swallow his jizz!

amateurtied-02 (47)

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Blond Submissive Woman On Bed Tied Up And Blindfolded

by on Nov.01, 2009, under Women Tied Up

Tied at the wrists and ankles this young submissive woman kneels on her bed whilst her master tied a tight blindfold around her head.  Unable to see anything he began torment her, touching and groping her, pulling her clothing aside and capturing the whole encounter with his digital camera. She is a tall girl and with her legs in black stockings looks very sexy.

amateurtied-02 (31)

Her master positioned himself behind her and pushed her hard in the back forcing her down to the bed and burying her face into her mattress. She struggled to breathe as the sheets filled her mouth almost gagging her. She managed to turn her face to one side and let out a gasp as she realised her master was penetrating her. He had pulled down her French knickers and inserted his cock into her wet pussy. She moaned loudly as he fucked her deeper and harder, his swollen cock filling her tight cunt. She tried to move but was tied too tightly and was unable to escape…

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