Woman Tied Up

Hot Woman Gets Tied Up Then Bagged And Gagged

by on Oct.04, 2009, under Women Tied Up

This hot young wife got ambushed by her husband/dom as she arrived home from work.  He stepped out from behind the door as she entered their lounge and clasped his hand around her mouth. She gasped as he did so and dropped her bag and coat to the floor.  Suddenly her world was plunged into darkness as a hood was dropped over her head. The thick black material let very little light through but she could feel her self being led towards the bedroom. 

A shove from behind sent her sprawling forward and she let out a  yelp as she landed on the bed.  She could feel hands scrabbling at her skirt pulling it off leaving her in her underwear, black blouse and her boots.   Her husband bound her hands together and then her ankles.  He could hear her breathing heavily under the hood and the sound of her struggled breath spurred him onwards as he began to spank her ass cheeks and thighs. Reaching for his camera he began to take photos of his gorgeous young wife laying prone and vulnerable on their marital bed…

Hot Woman Bagged And Gagged

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